Friday, September 6, 2013

Thirsty Thursday

219 East Pleasant Street

So let's hope this is not a prelude of what's to come for what most of us consider the real weekend because last night APD and AFD were kept busy enough responding to rowdy activity, starting with 219 East Pleasant Street around 10:30 p.m.  for a reported bonfire in the backyard.

About an hour later APD responded to reports of a loud party a few houses down at 227 East Pleasant Street and issued a $300 noise ticket.  Both branches of our first responders also responded to "Club Lit" in town center around midnight after a bouncer "knocked out" a patron.

Back when I was working as a bouncer at "The Pub" we were trained to try to avoid such scenarios as it tends to cut down on repeat business from that particular customer. 


Anonymous said...

Just think. Larry
Pretty soon all these kids will be living and studying sober and polite at the Retreat and you will be able to focus exclusively on. the 9/11 flag flying "issue",

The Power of Hope!

Anonymous said...

I also think Chief Moia's police would have had a concern about you knocking out a patron -- or anyone else.

Dr. Ed said...

Is it time to reconsider the only-one-per-town bonfire bylaw? I think there is a lot more pollution with these illegal ones -- and if there was a somehow managed/supervised one every weekend, like there was in the '70's, then at least the AFD would know where the fire would be and could just park a truck there...