Friday, September 13, 2013

Let's Take A Vote

Shanksville Pennsylvania 10:04 AM 9/11/01

 As Flight 93 streaked toward Washington D.C. that fateful morning, passengers huddled in the back of the plane realized they had become unwilling conscripts in a suicide mission. So they decided to do something about it. 

But before they made their desperate, valiant attempt to retake the plane, they did something as American as apple pie: they took a vote.

Men and women from all walks of life decided -- in the most democratic manner possible -- to go to war defending their country.

Although they fell short of the objective that awful morning, their supreme sacrifice saved scores of fellow Americans and represented the first tactical victory in "the war on terror."

So I suppose it's fitting that the Amherst Select Board agenda for Monday night's meeting was finalized on Wednesday afternoon, the 12th anniversary of the most heinous attack on American soil in our entire history.

The Select Board will act on a voter petition I handed in two weeks ago with more than the requisite number of signatures, requesting they place the "only in Amherst" controversy of flying commemorative flags on 9/11 before the voters this March 25.

(Last year's annual town election had a 7% turnout.)

Whether you think the commemorative flags should fly annually on 9/11 -- as they do on Memorial Day -- or agree that once every five years is sufficient, surely we can all agree there's no harm in confirming that with "The People."

After all, isn't that one of the most cherished rights our flag represents?  

"We the People," cordially request ...


Anonymous said...

But you just said that "The People" don't vote. Seems contradictory.

Larry Kelley said...

For THIS issue, they will vote.

Anonymous said...

This should pass by a landslide. If it doesn't, then the entire resident population of Amherst should be given one way tickets out of the country.

Can't wait to hear the Selectboard backtrack on this.

Anonymous said...

Very moving argument Larry. Thanks for putting it out there. I hope they get it.

Anonymous said...

Hogwash. You people have the smallest concerns of any "concerned citizens" I'VE ever met, and I've known some petty people.

The flag is a symbol of WHATEVER you want it to be; see it for what it IS, not what you've been brainwashed into thinking it means. It is a rectangle of cloth, that is the only thing certain about it. I'd like to know if any of you flag totin' townies have ever LIVED.

Larry Kelley said...

Tell that to the 57 "townies" who gave their lives preserving the Union 150 years ago.

Or better yet, the "townies" who fought in WW2, Viet Nam, Korea, The Gulf War, or Afghanistan.

Chris Demarest said...

Dear Mr. "Flag-toting" anonymous commenter. Take your discussion to Applewood, sit with the veterans and try to make your case. YOU are the one in serious need of an education.

Anonymous said...

Oh i get. America is the land of the free but if I disagree, despite the fact that the freedom to disagree is what makes this country great, you will kick me out. Do you see that when you kick me out that you have destroyed the essence of what the country is about.? If I don't have that freedom, the USA is no longer what it espouses to be.

Larry Kelley said...

It would be greater if you had the balls to "disagree" using your real name.

Nobody is suggesting you be "kicked out" for you disrespectful diatribe.

You despise "townies" but most certainly are not one yourself, otherwise you would know Chris is referring to Applewood Retirement Community, current home to a few aging veterans.

You most certainly have the "freedom" to make an ass of yourself.

Obviously you do it frequently enough, as you're pretty good at it.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me mr. Kelley but someone said that if the measure doesn't pass then everyone in town should be given a ticket out of the country. Sounds like someone is saying to kick people out who disagree.

And you are mistaking me for the jerk who thinks the flag meaningless. Quite the contrary actually. I believe in the greatness of this country but the person who wants to kick people out for disagreeing is clueless as to what the USA really means..

Plenty of dictatorships around the world condemn those who disagree. That is not the USA!