Sunday, September 8, 2013

Were toward Eternity –

The original black wrought iron gate has returned 

After an almost two month absence, workers completed installation yesterday of the now completely refurbished 155-year-old wrought iron fence that encloses the burial plot of Emily Dickinson and her family in Amherst's historic West Cemetery.

The $52,300 project, using Community Preservation Act funds set aside for historic preservation, was overwhelmingly approved by Amherst Town Meeting -- like any project relating to Emily Dickinson.

Because my friends, as icons go, the "Belle of Amherst" is priceless.

Don't worry, it's a rubber mallet

The final glossy coat has a shine that would wake the dead
Took the "Dickinson kinsfolk" long enough ...
Trinkets adorn the top of Miss Emily's gravestone

Flowers and a new fence for Miss Emily (and Lavinia)


Anonymous said...

$52,000 and you couldn't even place the fence far enough from her stone to enable decent photos of the marker? The fencing company must have loved to see you coming! 52 grand?!!!

Larry Kelley said...

Take it up with the original "fencing company" from 155 years ago.

Fenway617 said...

I thought she was from Amherst, NH?