Thursday, September 19, 2013

(small) Fire South Amherst High School

 AFD on scene South Amherst High School

Amherst Fire Department responded to a "small fire in the office" at the alternative South Amherst High School late this morning.  The fire was both small and contained, although the school was evacuated for about an hour.

 A busload of students arrived shortly after the fire and were relocated to the park area 

Two officers were seen placing a young man in a cruiser and heading back to APD headquarters.  A detective and AFD's arson investigator were also called to the scene.  The investigation is being handled in house by APD and AFD, and the State Fire Marshal has not been called in.

 APD and AFD leaving the scene

Staff and students return to the building (no damage from fire)

Schools are getting serious about these kinds of things


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Peisons are "locked down" -- not schools. And the fact that the APD left with a young man is exactly why the state fire marshall's office ought to be involved. Let's not have SPED expand even more, if the kid lit it, nail his a** to the wall -- and if not, then not -- let's not have another go-around of whose kid is he, what race is he and all the rest.

YES, I believe that AFD could do as good (if not better) investigation but can you prove that you are being "objective"?

Why risk it?

Anonymous said...

The lockdown was a drill on Monday, not yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Schools are locked down. In fact, in this gun ridden world where anyone who wants to can get guns and kill people, schools will practice "lock down."

Larry Kelley said...

Practice makes perfect, and there's no better practice than a low-level real thing.

This event was the real thing.

I'm not surprised the Gazette missed it, but I am a little surprised the schools never issued any sort of statement.