Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Devil In The Details

 Current tree with mirror (rt) is unstable.  New one will be near telephone pole

Flying the commemorative flags every 9/11 was not the only acrimonious issue on the Amherst Select Board's plate Monday night, as immediately before that embarrassing item they discussed the ongoing bitter battle over relocating a driveway at 666 South East Street, a public safety issue strongly endorsed by Assistant Fire Chief Don McKay.

After too long a discussion the Select Board, keepers of the public way, voted to allow Christopher Benfey and Mickey Rathbun to put up a mirror on the opposite side of their dangerous driveway to facilitate clear views of oncoming traffic up and over the hill.   But only after  "consultation" with the DPW.

Tech savvy member Aaron Hayden stated they should "be able to see all the way down to the South Amherst common" if the mirror is positioned correctly.

 Mickey Rathbun, Chris Benfey in the hot seat

The owners of 666 South East Street have decided not to move the driveway 60 feet to the north for economic reasons:   Tree Warden Alan Snow has not budged on the "replacement cost" for taking down seven trees, what amounts to a $6,000 fine.

This on top of an estimated $25,000 cost for a complicated driveway construction project.

At the Monday night SB meeting the DPW was disparaged as being "scornful" by Mr. Benfey and Mr. Snow was characterised as engaging in "unbelievable behavior."

Meanwhile yesterday the DPW removed a large old bush at the entryway to their driveway to "improve sight lines" for incoming traffic from busy Rt. 116. 

Tuesday: Bye bye big bush



Walter Graff said...

What a fucking joke the so-called government of Amherst is. A JOKE!!!!

Anonymous said...

One Planning Board member voted that there be no fines to remove trees since moving the driveway would make the road safer for cars coming over the hill. Why is the town charging people for making things safer?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the most anti-productive "open" government....just awful. A tree replacement fee that is more than 1/4 the cost of the driveway relocation itself?! What is property tax and excise tax revenue being spent on. Oh.....right see "too many overpaid school administrators" on the town's budget. Couldn't the town incur liability should the unfortunate situation of an accident due to poor visibility occur?

Anonymous said...

If you have to pay the town for a fucking tree then why the hell do we pay taxes in the first place? The taxes are high enough, when will these twits in town government quit trying to generate revenue for something they are already paid for? Does anyone know what "Public Works" means for Christ's sake?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Amherst needs a Common Sense Committee.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of widening the road to the four-lane superhighway that the town initially planned when it acquired that wide right-of-way.

I STILL say that they are trying to get a circular 2-exit driveway.

Anonymous said...

People should have the right to cut down trees on THEIR property. Mr. Snow's job is a joke and should be cut. The fact that Amherst pays someone to decide if a tree should be cut down is a waste of tax money. Use that money to hire another firefighter, someone that we actually need in this town.

Larry Kelley said...

The trees are "in the public way," so they are on town land.

Anonymous said...

Drive a few copper pipes into the root ball! Then when it dies and falls in to road it's the towns problem.
Cut that a-hole Snow's job!!!

Larry Kelley said...

Now, now. That would be illegal.

Anonymous said...

If the trees are on town property then the town should pay for any costs that are associated with them. Where did this idiot fabricate these replacement numbers anyway. I think he has been smokin' too many fat ones while contemplates the trees. Nature plants new ones all the time for free. Been outside much?