Thursday, September 19, 2013

Party House Of The Weekend

Yeah, I'm running late as we're almost into another warm, sunny weekend ... where anything can happen in a college town.

Grantwood Drive is a cozy development of about three dozen single family homes  all built just over 40 years ago.  The vast majority are "owner occupied" and you never see them listed in my Party House of the Weekend series.  A few are not owner occupied.  Take #115 for instance.

115 Grantwood Drive, Amherst.  Owned by Onasta Properties aka Pipeline Properties
Amherst Police were called around 1:10 AM early Saturday morning and arrested Chris D Lewis, age 19, Luke Richardson, age 19 and Albert M Carter, age 20 for noise.
Meanwhile only a couple hundred yards away at about the same time (1:24 AM) Police were called to 985 E. Pleasant Street by a homeowner complaining about college aged youth urinating in her yard.

Police arrested Timothy M Vanlew, age 20, Stephen F Gardner, age 21, and Ryan J. Donnelly age 21 all three residents of 985 E. Pleasant Street, a single family home with not enough bathrooms apparently.

Since Cherewatti only paid $160,000 for the house that was valued at $255,000 in FY2012, maybe he can afford to add a bathroom.

985 E. Pleasant Street  Owned by Eagle Crest Mgt aka Jamie Cherewatti


Anonymous said...

Who gives a fuck? Dude, stick to relevant topics. I'm about ready to give up on you.

Quantity does NOT EQUAL quality!

Larry Kelley said...

I think the neighbors give a fuck. Or two.

Dr Ed said...

Cherewatti being arrested too would change things damn quick, don't you think?

I do....

Walter Graff said...

Whose to say these kids aren't in the agriculture studies at UMASS. Perhaps doing a simple experiment with nitrogen. Since your urine is about 5-10% N perhaps they were testing the theory of a more natural fertilizer. Smart of them too. Too much direct nitrogen can burn and drinking alcohol is a diuretic and the nitrogen content would be diluted after drinking. Quite smart if that was their plan. And considering that last week there was another report of students urinating on a lawn. This may very well be a super secret class project. :)