Monday, September 9, 2013

Lost Weekend

Substance abuse comprises 17% of EMS calls to Amherst College so far this year

Let's hope Amherst College President Biddy Martin is a light sleeper, so the emergency flashing lights of the ambulance that came to that 175 South Pleasant street location (not the actual President's House) in the early Sunday morning hours for a young Amherst College ETOH student, awakened her.

Furthermore, let's hope she awakens to the problem of alcohol abuse that can lead to so many other serious problems, like sexual assault and suicide, something Amherst College should have been awakened to last year.

Better yet, let's hope all of our institutes of higher education start taking this problem more seriously.

Substance abuse comprises 23% EMS calls to UMass/Amherst

Substance abuse comprises 14% EMS calls to Hampshire College
On The Other Hand:

Substance abuse comprises 5% EMS calls for town of Amherst

Substance abuse comprises only 4% of EMS calls to the town of Hadley


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Boy, that Tom Valle is one hell of a pie chart ninja.

Larry Kelley said...

Makes up for my writing.

Tom Valle, Pie Chart Maker of the Year said...

As excited as I get about my charts, that was NOT me patting myself on the back. Thanks, Anon!