Monday, February 20, 2012

Party House of the Weekend

 351 Main Street, Amherst

So yes, I suppose if you can afford the price of a pack of cigarettes these days, you (or Mommy and Daddy) can afford the $300 noise violation ticket garnered for desiring one last drag on the cancer stick.

Perhaps the town should also pass a by-law against entitlement, arrogance and stupidity combined. 

Just after midnight, early Sunday morning.  RP reports loud party, possibly playing indoor soccer.  351 Main Street #4

According to APD narrative:

Loud music and voices heard upon arrival.  Approximately eight guests outside talking loudly.  Approximately 35 guests inside talking loudly with loud music.  One resident was cooperative but in no hurry to end the party.  Second resident, Benjamin Lagasse, refused to assist his roommate in clearing the house.

Lagasse given several chances to go inside and assist, however he indicated that he could not do anything and he was going to finish his cigarette.

Arrested for noise violation:
Benjamin Joel Lagasse, 9 Winslow Way, Orleans, MA, age 20

Property Ownership Card for 351 Main St, Amherst


Anonymous said...

Arrested for not assisting the police! What is this Stalinist Russia? Arrest the roommate that was having the party. I understand that. But arresting a guy standing on a porch smoking a cigarette? Give me a break. That one should get thrown out.

LarryK said...

Sounds to me like he was co-hosting the event and did not want to act responsibly in ending the party, hence he was arrested.

No, this is not "Stalinist Russia". You do a grave disservice to those who suffered and died under his authoritarian rule.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but at least they were allowed to finish their last cigarette.

Anonymous said...

It's truly horrific to hear anyone joking about Hitler and Stalin they way they do on this blog. No words at all.

LarryK said...

Yeah, especially when they do it to defend bad behavior.