Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quieter weekend for AFD

As usual, long weekends that empty UMass means less overstretch for the Amherst Fire Department, although ETOH (alcohol poisoning) and false fire alarms still occur with too much regularity--both on the campuses as well as in the town. 

AFD weekend run summary 2/17-2/20


Ed said...

What on earth is a "Lift Assist"?

Assist WHOM? WHY?


Anonymous said...

Ed; I suspect that a "Lift Assist" is when someone has fallen and needs help back up. They need to be checked out to make sure they are medically o.k. and don't need transportation to the hospital. The other way this could be thought of is if someone is morbidly obese, and they need to call additional help to get a stretcher down to the ambulance. It is all part of running an ambulance service.

Anonymous said...

A lift assist is when they send an extra ambulance to move someone who the first EMS crew has deemed too heavy (or too risky) to move without further assistance. Nine times out of ten it's an obese person but sometimes it's someone who does need to be moved very delicately.

--UMass EMT