Monday, February 6, 2012

Party House of the Weekend

96 Montague Road, North Amherst

In spite of issuing a $300 noise ticket to a party house at 144 Glendale Road, a classic middle class neighborhood in South Amherst and another one to an apartment dweller at 165A Boulders a classic early 1980s apartment complex also in South Amherst the winner this week is a party house that received only a written warning early Sunday morning (2:20 AM) and then a return visit by APD later that morning (11:10 AM) for a follow up verbal warning.

According to APD narrative: "Spoke with residents at #96 Montague Road regarding a large party they threw last night. Neighboring residents had beer cans and bottles strewn in lawns and mailboxes were knocked down or missing. Residents were advised of guests behavior after they had been served alcohol. Residents stated they understood."

Yeah, let's hope.

144 Glendale Road, South Amherst

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