Sunday, February 5, 2012

Going up?

In case you wondered why Jones Library employees were greatly concerned over the new Personnel Procedures Manual that the Personal Board worked on for three years because it seemingly increases the day to day managerial powers of the Library Trustees (i.e. micromanaging), consider this:

Jones Library Trustees President Sarah McKee ordered the elevator closed until further notice after an elderly women became temporarily stuck, then pushed every button on the panel in frustration (except for the alarm button) which did not help the situation. After making a scene she managed to get out unscathed.

An elevator technician came the next day, tested the machine and deemed it fine. About two years ago Ms. McKee had the elevator shut down for months awaiting a new panel, even though a state inspector had deemed it fine.

The Jubilat/Jones Reading Series occurred this afternoon in the Trustees Room, 3rd floor. I guess poetry aficionados also got their exercise.

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