Saturday, February 25, 2012

Frisky Friday

72 Curtis Place 

Amherst Police were kept on the go last night all over town to quell loud parties and fighting, issuing five noise warnings all along North Pleasant Street with another four locations ticketed for noise (9 individuals total), nuisance house (8 total) and one underage drinking, for a grand total of eighteen $300 tickets or $5,400.

Perhaps the Perps spent early Friday consuming copious amounts of Red Bull before switching to the cheap beer.

The winner for 'Party House of the Night' goes to 72 Curtis Place as they garnered 4 noise, 4 nuisance house (meaning each resident was hit with $600 in fines) and one underage drinking (also a $300 offense), for hosting a loud event with 300 guests still going strong at 1:30 AM.

Arrested for Noise and Nuisance House violations:
Ross Lapetina, 72 Curtis Place #1, Amherst, Ma, age 21
Gregory Kuhn, 1 Falls Ct, N Attleborough, Ma, age 21
Stefan Valentin, 72 Curtis Place #2, Amherst, Ma, age 20
Mark Salhany, 72 Curtis Place #1, Amherst, Ma, age 21
Alden Michaels, 5 Coltin Drive, Newburyport, Ma, age 20, Possession Liquor under 21

Ownership Card for 72 Curtis Place, Amherst (Hilda and Louis Greenbaum)

51 North East St

 Arrested for Noise and Nuisance: Andrew Bridge, 34 Cook Street, Westborough, Ma, age 21

57 Woodside Ave 

Ticketed for noise: Anna Guigli, Amanda Holt, Elizabeth Wilson, Katherine Zoufaly, all age 21

UPDATE:  Sunday afternoon
AFD, via their Facebook page, reports a hectic Saturday night:  "With only seven people on duty, they handled a total of 17 calls on the overnight. These included: a car accident with entrapment and transport to Baystate Trauma Center, psychiatric evaluation, Stroke, Unconscious patient, Alcohol Overdose, Seizure, Lacerations, Shortness of Breath, Car vs Pedestrian, and several others."


Anonymous said...

We were hoping the rain/wind would keep things calm in our neighborhood but apparently not. Lots of random screaming all night. I drank my share in college but I dont recall standing outdoors at 2am just screaming incoherently, but the students around the corner seem to consider it a mandatory activity most weekends.

Anonymous said...

"Dear Ms. Greenbaum,

We are pleased to reappoint you full member of the Zoning Board of Appeals..."

Anonymous said...

Hmm,I guess it's not the landlord's fault. They can't exactly sit outside these houses every night to prevent wild parties, so stop dragging them into it.

LarryK said...

Fair enough.

But once they read about the incident in the venerable Gazette they should take action, as the Nuisance House bylaw also allows for fining the landlord after two tickets are issued.

And I will remind the town of that provision.

Anonymous said...

Why no hometown listings for the Girls of Woodside?

LarryK said...

I must be sexist.

Actually the police report only showed two of the four. Not sure why.

Ms. Holt, age 20 originates from Medford, Mass and Elizabeth Wilson, age 20 is from E. Greenwich RI.

Anonymous said...

I think it IS the landlord's fault. They can be more careful who they rent to. I'm glad Larry prints the ownership card. Maybe bringing some shame onto the homeowner will make them better landlords.

Anonymous said...

Really? You got some type of blood test that can tell a well-behaved student from a not well-behaved student?

The Ponziville Karma Show said...

"psychiatric evaluation, Stroke, Unconscious patient, Alcohol Overdose, Seizure, Lacerations, Shortness of Breath, Car vs Pedestrian, and several others"

I would simply invite Amherst insiders to not look in the mirror.


Anonymous said...

The landlord can't control it? If they can't, they need to get out of the business. Guess what? That's their job.

- Immediately evict on the first police offense. (There's plenty of demand to fill their spot.)
- Two strikes and you're out if a neighbor complains.
- Two strikes and you're out if tenants or guests park on the front lawn.
- Rent to Jrs, Seniors, and graduate students only. (Freshmen and Sophomores should be on campus - period.)

... can you think of any more?

I live next to student rentals with very few problems because the owners and property managers care about their investment and their neighbors.

Anonymous said...

<- Immediately evict on the first police offense.

Obviously you have no clue how tenant biased our housing laws are.

Anonymous said...

I will have you know that the girls at Woodside Ave did not get arrested, but they were in fact fined. It is not right to publish false information on the internet and it would be greatly appreciated if it was either corrected or removed entirely. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You know what really bothers me -- Amherst is supposed to be so truly liberal and all of that -- and yet we see these "psych evaluations" which are a whole lot more brutal than they sound.

The first time they do this to someone who is black -- well, they don't and won't.

Amherst -- land of the token liberals. Bill Newman, where are you when there are real civil rights being violated????

Anonymous said...

cheap beer? how about $200 of wine and a live jazz band from berklee (world famous school of music anyone?)

and before you try to blame college kids in their 20's for having a party with live music, blame the town for the absurd zoning.

there's no need for these parties to be disruptive to families. there's no need for college kids to live in residential family neighborhoods.

you really gonna act like the college kids have any say in this? they live where they can afford to.

The Curtis said...

This is a bit misleading.
As one of the hosts of the party at Curtis, it seems that this blog writes solely to tarnish our reputations and make us look bad for what was really one of the classiest parties amherst has seen in a while. I'd like to get some things straightened out.

Not a single one of my roommates, nor I, were charged for the nuisance house bylaw, and we weren't fined 600$ apiece either. The authorities seemed pleased with our amiable cooperation and rapid success at clearing out the party after we were informed of the noise complaint. It wasnt until some underage partygoer stepped outside with an open alcohol container that any legal actions were taken. (at that point there was already going to be paperwork to do, so the town might as well cash in 300$ a head, right?) one of the cops even said to us that we wouldn't have been arrested if they didn't have to charge the drinker. You claim we must have been drinking redbull to be able to party with our cheap beer for so long? really. I'll have you know that there was nothing but wine being drank by the hosts that night, and h'orderves were laid out in the sitting room long before the jazz band began their show. yes, there was nothing but jazz (ok maybe a little funk) coming from the house that night. I would appreciate it if the photo of the property was removed, as im sure Mr. Greenbaum would. I mean, who calls in a noise complaint over a JAZZ BAND? If you refuse to remove the photo which, by the way, has my little brother's car AND the roommates who werent at all involved in the party's cars and license plates in it - WTF? - you should probably just replace it with a photo of my parents house in /hometown, as that must be where the real blame lies, on my parents for raising me wrong, right?

LarryK said...


Anonymous said...

$200 worth of cheese and crackers, ten different types of cheese, ten different types of crackers, grapes, bread, and only wine to be drank. Everyone who attended this party was dressed formally. Men in dress shirts, ties, and khakis. Women in dresses. A live jazz band was playing in the living room with two of the members hailing from the prestigious school of music, Berklee. The 4 housemates who were arrested only got $300 fines for noise violations and were more than respectful and responsible when the cops arrived. Get your facts straight before you publish an article like this.

LarryK said...

Just going by the police report, Bucko.

And if police had not been called there would be nothing for me to write.