Friday, February 10, 2012

Loaded For Bear

Backpack Journo tools

Since a high ranking Amherst public official--obviously not a sports fan--once tried to have me arrested for using the expression "locked and loaded", I thought it safer to explain my use of the term "loaded for bear" on Facebook regarding tonight's ride along with UMass Police Department.

My weapons--I mean tools--include a Kodak z981 with 26x wide angle optical zoom and high ISO for low light conditions, flip camera for simply to use video (but better quality than a cell phone), portable tripod so the flip can become an instant dash cam, portable scanner with Amherst and Hadley first responder frequencies, digital audio recorder, and of course when all else fails, small notebook and pencil.

And no, I'm not hoping for a riot--or what photo journalists refer to as "bang bang". Any Friday night with APD or UMPD is a newsworthy evening. Although... it is unseasonably warm and there is a big concert at the Mullins Center tonight.

Amherst Fire Department will have extra staff with nine on duty professionals (7 is normal) split between Central and North Station as well as another special detail of two stationed at the Mullins Center covering the concert.


Thomas Stratford said...
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Thomas Stratford said...

Sounds like you need some kind of pack with multiple pockets.Should be a good experience.Enjoy, Larry.

Kira said...
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LarryK said...

Will do. I also have my very bright red spring jacket that is easy to spot (so I don't get lost in crowd), and has deep pockets.

Anonymous said...

Your notebook looks so official- early Valentine's Day gift from your daughters?

LarryK said...

As a matter of fact, yes.

Although Jada (the 5-year-old) sometimes repossess it and rips out all of my notes.