Friday, August 15, 2008

Well, it's about time.

So what do you know, Mr. Sanchez understands the concerns of a decorated, legit Iraq war veteran who shed blood for his country.

And what else do you know: the crusty Gazette has been sitting on this story for six weeks.

Would have been a tad more effective if Mr. Sanchez apologized to Rob McAllister in particular and in general the July 4'th Parade Committee. Although I'm glad the Gazette layout editor gave this long overdue mea culpa top billing and relegated Mr. Sanchez's fundraiser this evening on the town common to a less prominent position.

What took them so long?

Calvin's and Hobbes take


Anonymous said...

Amazing!!!!!! I guess Mr. Sanchez has a conscience after all. As for the Gazette, I think they should start thinking how to get their circulation back.

I for one, am having a hard time with the, somewhat , different lay-out. I really hate the Obit section, and what happened to the Amherst news. Are we defunct?

Until later.................

LarryK4 said...

Well, I would be more impressed with his "conscience" if he apologized to Rob and all the other vets who did their duty.

Rob McAllister said...

Wanted to thank you for posting my origional letter to the Gazette on your blog. It helped shed light on the issue. And put it in the media spotlight.Thanks again!!
Rob McAllister