Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mid afternoon updates

(3:30 PM) I'm sitting here in the middle of yet another thunderstorm and the sun is out so I'm hoping for a rainbow. Who doesn't like rainbows?

I was pulled over by Amherst PD about an hour ago for a minor auto thing and they were as professional as could be (as always). Oddly enough, I was in town center to use the free wireless. I love the idea that I can lance the boil known as Amherst Town Government while using their very own assets.

Gotta check out Select Person Stephanie's blog Comments (scroll way down) His Lordship Chair Gerry Weiss gives her a directive via the 'Comments' feature to post a long ago legal document, figuring it would somehow bolster his case for delaying the election to replace X-Czar Awad. Gotta wonder if he actually read the brief. But it is kinda fun to call him a "ninny" on a blog operated by his subordinate.

Only in Amherst!


Anonymous said...

Next weeks sensational headline, "Kelley has run-in with the law." PLUS you reported it first! ;)

Anonymous said...

Did you run over a pedestrian? Exceed the speed limit? Drive like you write (recklessly)? Look like a
resident alien? What (minor) offense did you commit
and what will be your punishment? A spanking? Knuckles rapped? Forty lashes with a wet noodle?
Eternal exile to Easthampton? Tell us, tell us!!!!!!!!!!!

LarryK4 said...

Yeah I figured someone would be curious; and since you asked so nicely: Inspection sticker expired last day of July.

And since the car is only one year plus one week old there really was not much chance that it was a hazard to be on the road. And yes, it was inspected and passed about an hour after the incident (no they did not give me a ticket)

Anonymous said...

Had to have mine done recently. Waited in line for two hours. Just one more pleasant service provided by our government.

Emissions are so trivial in cars made these days compared with when the inspection regulation was first put in place. I suppose they find an occasional tail light out -- but at the expense of millions of people having to go through this on a yearly basis??

...And if the cops can be looking at cars anyway for stickers, why not have them find the tail lights?
(Though that of course has it's own problems -- if your are on the outs with the guy who's in charge of the police.)

One good thing about waiting on that line... I had a good chance to talk with several steamed up citizens about Proposition 1!
(Sent you something on that a moment ago.)

Terry Franklin

Anonymous said...

You're lucky they didn't tow your car away, which is what they are supposed to do. Belchertown funds their whole town on it;-)

Sounds like you got special treatment, in Amherst no less.

Anonymous said...

Larry, it is NOT free internet (any more than it is "free" child care or "free" medical insurance or anything else.)

You are enjoying the UMASS STUDENT PAID-FOR wireless, something that people like me are paying $30/month for and not getting half as good as you are.

Do a DNS search and you will see UMass (or the UM IP domains) and that is even better than a picture of Awad in South Hadley.

*I* am paying for your "free" wireless....

Ed Cutting