Friday, August 8, 2008

Both People's Republic Shine Tonight

Beijing can boast about their ultra-expensive, high-tech Olympic grand opening ceremony this evening but the People’s Republic of Amherst also played host to an Olympic Torch with 100 local law enforcement personnel as escort who ran in unison from the Amherst Police station to the Umass Mullins Center to benefit Special Olympics Massachusetts covering a distance of three miles, chanting all along the way.

And the best part? No protesters!


maryd said...

It was packed inside the station where they were testing folks to register as potential marrow donors. My daughter got a kick out of the cadets yelling, "Sir, Yes Sir!" to everything. It was really cool to see them all in line to participate.

Helen said...

Nice pictures Larry! I'm glad to see this event get the coverage it deserves.

Anonymous said...

Was "Our Town Manager" jogging and chanting along the way, also? If not, then his group of prostesters decided to stay home to figure out their next move for the July 4th parade.

Yes, very nice pictures, and thank you for covering the Special Olympics, in "The Peoples Republic of Amherst".

Until next time...........

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, and I can't help but notice neither Bricks-and-Mortar media published anything today on the event (who knows, maybe tomorrow or Monday).

As I say only half in jest: if 9/11 happened on a Friday we would not read about it in print until Tuesday.

I'm sure if Mary Carey were not in Chicago, she would have covered it--at the very least, for her aboutamherst blog