Friday, August 8, 2008

Back to Awad

Just found this on “National Review” online by Byron York about the John Edwards scandal that the Bricks and Mortar media is just now, grudgingly, reporting (sex, lies, and your freaken wife has cancer you asshole!) and thought it somewhat parallels my journalistic expose of Ms. Awad taking a hike to South Hadley but still wanting to rule in the People’s Republic of Amherst.

Instead, some big-time journalists seem to believe the Enquirer has nailed the story, and they are waiting for the tabloid to release the full results of its reporting. In the meantime, they are staying away from the story because it appeared in the Enquirer. In other words, they’re waiting for the Enquirer to fully report a story that they wouldn’t otherwise report… because it’s in the Enquirer.


Anonymous said...

i think mr kelly would do a better job of investigative reporting than other reporters i have encountered at the local news. if it isn't a feelgood story or slamming a naysayer of the local elite, then it doesn't get investigated.

of course the consolidation of the news entities in the valley does not help.

there is nothing wrong with taking a photograph in a public place. period. or calling out the BS. DOUBLE PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

i recall a "series" of articles a year or two back, that was supposedly designed to highlight individual town meeting members.

the first installment was a slamfest on town meeting member mr. v. o'conner...there were no more installments after that.

it seems like they flat out lied about it being a order to obtain someone's political objective of (perhaps) quelling mr O'C.

the slamfest they had on me last summer is another case in point. Ms. carl of the gazette managed to misquote and twist my words to my disfavor, and did an absolutely lousy job of investigating, rather i would say she did not investigate at all...since only one of the contestants in the issue at question were interviewed, and that was the winning entrant whom i was contesting. i had spoken with several other of the contestants who all agreed the contest seemed rigged....cris carl never bothered contacting anyone else, then dragged my name through the mire.

and what was the contest? the sunderland veterans memorial. i will refrain from commenting on the design and the winning designers, and how their "winning" design came in to bid at more than double the budget that the contest allowed. THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN DISQUALIFIED. the rest of the contestants surely attempted to design within the budget, but the 2 "seasoned" landscape architects who won....well i guess they still don't know how to do a cost take-off, even after all of those "awards" and years of experience.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, the National Enquirer not Byron York gets credit for breaking the story about John Edward's infidelity.

To Byron York's shame, he still insists Valarie Plame was a secretary at the CIA not a covert agent working on WMD in the middle east.

The amount of disinformation spread by the right-wing Wurlitzer about Cheney and Libby's treason is a testament to the use of propaganda in the modern age.

The same Wurlitzer helped sell the cassius belli for war in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Hey, "Wurlitzer":

Anonymous said...

holding on to the thinnest of threads that you were not deceived by your government. ...whatever works for you.