Friday, August 8, 2008

Then what will you protest?

UPDATE: 2:30 PM. The anti-war sign is already gone as I just biked by. I didn't do it...honest (although Mr. Weiss will probably contact Amherst PD to try to have me arrested)

9:30 AM (Original post)

Since His Lordship spanked the DPW for retrieving PC signs from town property last Fall it’s a safe bet this anti-war sign will stay in town center until it turns to dust (which should not be too long since it’s plain copy paper).

Although…the juxtaposition with the Red Cross sandwich board sign is thought provoking.

I have said many times that if I were President we would not have gone into Iraq; I should also state that if I inherited the mess a couple years ago I would have strongly supported “the surge”. And that now seems to have worked.

His Lordship's front lawn last winter:

And yeah, I biked by about an hour ago and it's still there.

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