Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bully watch (No, not His Lordship)

10:45 AM. Okay I called it, again. Town Manager must have bought the editor a beer for that silly headline. Gotta wonder how they went from “Long Trek Expected In Effort To Merge Parades” to the optimistic, syrupy (Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow) headline “Parade Unity Possible”?

(6:38 AM) At the July 28 Select Board meeting His Lordship Mr. Weiss made the news by attempting to scold me for “driving” Ms Awad to South Hadley (even though she drove herself—or maybe Mr. Hubley drove her—way back in April). Chairman Weiss even went so far as to scold the media for giving me ink on this residency debacle. So it all made good copy in the next weekly Amherst Bulletin

This past Monday our illustrious Select Board did not meet, one of only about a dozen Monday’s of the year that happens. And as a result, no opportunity for those priceless ‘Only In Amherst’ news nuggets.

So then, what will the Bully put on the Front Page later today? Well, the July 4’Th Parade article in yesterday’s Gazette was really nothing new thus you can tell they like the story. Hmmm…could be the lead story. Let’s call it a “contenda.”

The Zoning Board of Appeals failed to vote on Scott Nielson’s much maligned, NIMBY-magnet development on South East Street, down from 24 units to 17. So that would have been a guaranteed above-the-fold story (and will be soon).

The Regional School Committee met Tuesday but nothing much seemed to happen (maybe Ms. Sanderson will revive her blog to let us know).

I’m actually surprised a certain twitchy Committee member did not use the 'Public Comment' opportunity to lambaste the Pioneer Valley Chinese Charter School for daring to win that $1.5 million Federal Education grant (last week's front page).

Maybe because PVCIC was the ONLY Charter School in the nation to be so honored, he thought better of it.

Okay, I’ll go with the July 4’Th Parade update.


O'Reilly said...

Why do protest advocates rule out organizing their own event, with or without the organizational or financial resources of the town?

There's your headline!

LarryK4 said...

Indeed! On target (if I may use that metaphor) as always o'reilly.

But as you can see from the Bully front page I am about to upload they came up with a misleading headline.

Anonymous said...

The idea of them doing the work themselves has been brought up several times and it is always shoved to the back the discussion. Maybe our selectboard members can keep it at the front. At least two seem to agree that no town money or personell should be used here. It really seems like the simple solution. They can do the organizing and take out a permit like everyone else.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, that would be the "fair and balanced" solution.

But then--this is Amherst.