Monday, August 18, 2008

A positive outcome

(4:30 PM) My faith in American Health care is only reaffirmed. The two Cooley Dickinson lab techs that drew blood from Jada (five vials for now with perhaps five more on Wednesday) were kind, considerate and caring—as well as efficient with a needle.

The X-ray technician, our next stop, was amazed Jada didn’t freak out when we put her in the plastic restrainer with me dressed in a lead lined gown holding her arms strait up overhead. She told me to call my Doctor’s office before the end of the day for the test results because I had told her earlier about the possibility of TB warranting the photoshoot.

A few moment s later she followed me down the hall and said, “She’s fine, the x-ray is negative. I just wanted you to know.”

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Anonymous said...

Great news, Larry. She probably will have to be exrayed, like me, from now on.

God Bless the child.

Until later.................