Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Party House of the Weekend

266 Stanley Street   

Considering UMass scheduled Spring Concert for Sunday, thus keeping a lot of "college aged youth" in town rather than going home for the long holiday weekend, I'm surprised we only had one Party House.

But it was a big enough bash to resulting in the arrest of the four hosts -- Nathan J Galloway, Elizabeth L Reed, Lily J. Sexton and Chloe D. Swenson -- who were all charged with violating the towns Noise and Nuisance bylaw. 

In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Tuesday they all took the standard "diversion" deal offer by the District Attorney's office which negates one of the  $300 tickets, plus they will remain on probation for the next four months.

266 Stanley a little after midnight

Chloe Swenson, age 21, stands before Judge John Payne
Nathan Galloway, age 20
Lily Sexton, age 20


Anonymous said...

Are you sure they weren't arrested for homeliness?

Anonymous said...

Would it be appropriate to note that the overwhelming majority of Larry's perp walk suspects are . . . white?

Anonymous said...

...and still on their parents' insurance?

Anonymous said...

Was this a UMass party or AC? If they attend AC, I'd argue the first paragraph is pure slander. If they attend UMass, well, kudos to them for luring so many students that far from the usual hotbed of iniquity. I'd even go as far as to say, hey, let them host these every weekend! It's not in my backyard! LOL. Bring on the pipeline!

Larry Kelley said...

Actually, they are all UMass students.

Larry Kelley Jr aka Dingus said...

There were at least 2 other parties broken up by the police before this one. The crowds made a mass exodus from those homes to the "party house of the weekend," essentially leading the cops right to 266. As always, your writing is biased and ageist. I'm sorry you have nothing better to write about or focus on /:

Larry Kelley said...

Well, nobody forced you to read it.

Anonymous said...

What difference does their color make? Judge em by the content if their character. Which, given their youth and stupidity is currently questionable.