Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Matter of Respect

I did an interview yesterday with a couple of UMass journos working on their final project and one of the questions they asked was, besides Blarney Blowout or Hobart Hoedown what other kinds of things do UMass students do that causes friction with the locals.

I brought up the incident a few years ago where a throng of students descended on Puffer's Pond beach just before graduation and left it a pig pen.  And the time or two students have been seen or arrested for urinating on the Emily Dickinson fence along Main Street.

But had I been aware of this incident I surely would have used it as an example:  I grew up a couple hundred yards from this l-o-n-g time business on lower Main Street, and they are a symbol of everyday hard working small-town business. 

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Brian Hurley, age 20, stands before Judge John Payne on Monday.  His case was continued to May 27 so he can hire a private attorney


Anonymous said...

Dressed for success. Good luck with your job interviews.

Anonymous said...

I've watched students urinate on the doors of the Amherst History Museum, as well, over the years.

Anonymous said...

Didn't they arrest Bill Wyman for public urination in the 60's? Boys will be boys.

Anonymous said...

I assumed his last name would've been Dorsey