Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Show Me The Money

The Amherst Police Supervisor's Union staked out Amherst Town Meeting

The 13-member Amherst Police Supervisor's Union picked the perfect night to picket Amherst Town Meeting.  Opening night is always the most highly attended (191 checked in out of 240) and the majority of members use the northern most entrance to the Middle School. 

 Passed unanimously

Although it had nothing directly to do with the public protest, Town Meeting did vote early in the evening to reopen the police budget from last year and add $29,200 for "anticipated costs" associated with the contract settlement.

If that does become the exact amount needed it represents a 2% raise. 

The current contract is almost two years expired and it's the last remaining municipal labor contract still outstanding.

Most other municipal unions received around that 2% figure for a raise.

 Leaflet distributed to Town Meeting members

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