Monday, April 27, 2015

For Those Who Served

Ladder 1 on scene, UMass Mullins Center

The 5th annual Ice Stars For Wounded Warriors slid its way across the Mullins Center practice arena in style with skaters from across New England (including the Skating Club of Amherst) as well as public safety departments and UMass fraternity rival hockey matches, all performing in behalf of our wounded military.

 UMPD leads the parade

The two day event kicked off on a beautiful Saturday afternoon with a parade led by UMass PD motorcycle division down Massachusetts Avenue then across Commonwealth Ave to the Mullins Center, where they entered the arena under a h-u-g-e American flag held aloft by AFD Ladder 1.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see a positive article.And what a fantastic flag.

Anonymous said...

Helluva flag! Nice!

Anonymous said...

Wounded warriors. Heartbreaking. God bless 'em all. And Terrell calls himself a warrior. Not to dredge all that up again.

Anonymous said...

Stand up for what's right with America instead of dragging her down.