Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Party House of the Weekend

Last weekend was relatively tame for outright rowdy behavior -- no party house arrests or $300 tickets issued for noise/nuisance.  But police still had to break up a number of large gatherings and issue verbal warnings, which will show up in the Rental Registration data base.

Take 47 Fearing Street for instance:

Meanwhile, a couple hundred yards away APD arrested Kenneth Lamoine, age 19, for underage drinking and driving with an open container of alcohol in his car.  A DUI in the making so to speak.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Larry, this weekend will be much more exciting for you.

Larry Kelley said...

I'm not worried at all.

Last weekend was exciting enough, considering when I'm out and about I'm sharing the road with drunk drivers.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was so tame because so many parents were around for family weekend.

Larry Kelley said...


A lot depends on the weather this coming weekend, and so far Halloween looks hospitable (not a good thing).