Friday, October 24, 2014

Mullins Center Mellowing?

Skrillex show was promoted on PVTA buses

Unlike the Fantazia concert last month at the UMass-owned but privately-managed Mullins Center, AFD was able to handle the alcohol induced floodgates that seem to open with certain music acts, not to single out Electronic Dance Music -- but EDM sure seems to do it.

Last night "Mullins Center Command" stationed on site (personnel, but not the ambulances) for the Skrillex show handled 22 total patients, 15 treated and released but another seven requiring ambulance transport to the Cooley Dickinson Hospital vs 11 transports to CDH for Fantazia.

 Easthampton and South Hadley FD staging at AFD North Station for Mullins Center EDM show

AFD Chief Nelson requires the venue to hire two out-of-town ambulances to supplement AFD although they were still not enough to prevent AFD ambulances from joining in the convoy to CDH.

At the Fantazia concert, however, in addition to five AFD ambulances and the two out-of-town ambulances, we still had to call in Northampton FD via mutual aid for a college aged youth with a serious head injury.

 A3 at Mullins Center last night for ETOH college aged female

So yes, last night was a LOT better.  But still unacceptable

UMPD was busy all night as well


Anonymous said...

We need to teach these kids to be warriors. If we can get them in a room and help them imagine their parents laying dead with blood spewing from their brain, perhaps they wouldn't need an ambulance.
(Waiting for it...)

Anonymous said...

Again with the "warriors" they're driving me nuts!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"AFD responding to UMass Cance Dorm for a 16-year-old intoxicated female."

Yikes-who was she with?

Larry Kelley said...

Could have been a friend, or sibling.

Anonymous said...

Or a freshman. Some kids graduate high school a year early.