Wednesday, October 22, 2014

DUI Dishonor Roll

On average, 2 out of 3 Americans will be involved in a drunk driving accident in their lifetime

When are people going to realize that a 3,000 pound car is a dangerous weapon?  Would you attempt bomb disposal while drunk?  Or walk a tightrope stretched across the Grand Canyon?

Probably not, because self preservation would kick in.  So why do people think they can get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence of alcohol, an act that kills 10,000 Americans every year?

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Cindy Drake, age 49, stands before Judge Estes in Eastern Hampshire District Court


And let's hear it for Hadley PD!  Not only did they take an impaired driver, James Duffy, age 47,  off the road -- but they also went to their Facebook page to tell the world about it.  Now if we could only get them to start releasing mug shots ...


Anonymous said...

To Jamie DiCola who commented on Facebook,

No one is going to jail just for being an alcoholic. They are going to jail because of actions they took while under the influence of alcohol: hurting or killing another human being.

As a society we punish those who hurt or kill others by removing them from society.

If you want murderers left to roam in public with their loaded weapon (a car driven drunk), you are either crazy or a saint.

Anonymous said...

Get these people off our roads!!!!

Anonymous said...

Purge our souls of this demon Rum. Repent sinners, damn ye drunkards to eternal fire and brimstone.
And stop driving to the AA meetings drunk.

Anonymous said...

Where does the report or Facebook post say that James Duffy was taken off the road?

Anonymous said...

With all the stoners in this town, why don't we see more imparied drivers on pot (or worse)?

Dr. Ed said...

1: Please tell me that the Hadley PD "did this by the book" and called called for a backup to ID (and hopefully get a statement from) the driver who avoided an accident by going into reverse, as described in the narrative.

What police officers often forget is that while such a statement isn't likely going to be more than "the &^%$ idiot almost hit me!", it is the statement of a disinterested party and hence makes it much more difficult for the defense attorney to attack the credibility of the officer.

2: As to the Bay Road accident, with the perp identified as a UM employee in the GunAtRafters incident, why isn't there a demand that UM fire him? If it is fair to hold students accountable for less, why should he be treated differently because he is an employee?

Larry, I assure you that a *student* arrested for being drunk and waving a gun around at Rafters would be GONE..

3: With all the stoners in this town, why don't we see more imparied drivers on pot (or worse)?

You do -- and you see a lot of them being arrested -- for ETOH OUI. If they've got him/her/it for that, they pursue that, it makes the paperwork easier.

There are a lot of situations -- both OUI wrecks and ETOH Transports -- where ETOH may be present but is medically irrelevant -- it's something else.

Anonymous said...

With all the stoners in this town, why don't we see more imparied drivers on pot (or worse)?
Excellent point