Sunday, October 26, 2014

Harris Street Horticulture

Harris Street this morning:  Whole lot of planting going on
Amherst Shade Tree Committee outreach program

About a dozen trees went into the ground today during the Amherst Public Shade Tree Committee's annual Neighborhood Tree Planting event, and this year the Harris Street neighborhood in North Amherst -- where all but one of the homes are owner occupied -- was pretty enthusiastic.

Finally some good news for the street which connects on one end with -- cough, cough -- Pine Street, the busy bombed out thoroughfare that has been under construction for a very long time.

 A Ginko tree, one of many varieties planted today

Just last week the Planning Board held a "Scenic Roads Hearing" regarding two Norway Maples located a tad too close to Pine Street, immediately adjacent to the Harris Street neighborhood.

 Marisol was very happy for her "naderhood"

The Public Shade Tree Committee had recommended against removal, but they were overruled by the Planning Board in a unanimous decision. Tree Warden Alan Snow -- who also supported removal -- reports the trees were gone the very next day.

 Tree Warden Alan Snow is always happy about planting trees (even on a Sunday)

Two years ago Amherst Town Meeting approved $612,000 to purchase 2,000 trees, so these dozen or so are but a drop in the bucket.  Any Amherst resident can apply for free trees, but the planting season is just about over.


Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful day in the naderhood. That is so cute Marisol!

Anonymous said...

Was the caravan of six Peter Pan buses(on E Pleasant heading towards Pine this morning) coming to help plant?

I sure hope the drivers were aware of the disaster that is Pine St and they turned right towards Leverett!)

JessicaMB said...

#PineStUnpaved day 46

Anonymous said...

But who's counting? Ugh.