Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Terminate With Extreme Prejudice

 New sign at Crocker Farm Elementary School

Town Manager John Musante told the Amherst Select Board -- who in addition to being water/sewer and liquor commissioners are also in charge of holding "dog hearings" for dangerous canines -- that the pit bull who attacked two children at Crocker Farm School the 1st day of school has been "euthanized".

The owner never responded to a letter from the Commonwealth giving them seven days to request a dog hearing before the Select Board, thus allowing the board to wash their hands of the mess.

Animal Welfare officer Carol Hepburn could have placed the dog up for adoption but considered it beyond hope of rehabilitation, as in unsafe. 

Since the children had to undergo painful, frightening anti-rabies protocol it's no wonder the owner never came forward to claim the dog.  Not worth the lawsuit from parents I suppose.

And since the owner was irresponsible enough to allow the dog to roam free on a school playground while school was in session, not surprising they were irresponsible enough to allow the dog to be terminated.


Dr. Ed said...

If Carol Hepburn wants to see an animal destroyed, or if Alan Snow wants to see a tree come down -- knowing how much she loves animals and he loves trees -- I'm inclined to agree.

In my opinion, Hepburn & Snow are two municipal employees that the Town of Amherst is damn lucky to have, and I think that needs to be said.

Dr. Ed said...

But Larry, which would you less prefer -- your girls being disturbed by a loud party next door, or your girls having to have those painful shots?

Why wasn't the dog's owner ARRESTED -- for *something*?!?!?!?

We all know that the arrest and the arrest record is the real punishment for violating the noise ordinance with the $300/$600 (along with what -- another $100 to the Clerk Magistrate for be released on bail) essentially being irrelevant in comparison.

Then-Chief Charlie Scherpa said as much to the Town Meeting some years back. And no one much seems to care about the Constitutional issues relating to jailing someone for an offense which -- worst case -- does not permit a jail sanction.

So why wasn't some excuse found for throwing the dog's owner into jail? Constitutional niceties notwithstanding, he/she/it did a whole lot worse than Freddy Fratboy ever could have...

And then what about the person who had custody of the dog that day?

Anonymous said...

Wow! I actually agree with Ed on this one.

Anonymous said...

Where's that moron that wants to bring her dog to school now, hmmm?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree with 11:19
Both are local heroes

Anonymous said...

I was glad to see the termination. It means one less vicious animal on the loose.

Anonymous said...

If he was black (don't know), then in Amherst they would not have arrested him. This town needs to make up for years of abuse and racism, one man at a time.

Anonymous said...

What charge would the person be arrested on?