Monday, June 9, 2014

When Products Compete

Over the strong objection of Shumway Street neighbors and Marvin Spence, who has owned and operated Spirit Haus, a College Street institution in town for 40+ years, the Amherst Select Board unanimously approved the relocation of an all alcohol off premisis liquor license for Amherst Wines & Spirits from 233 N. Pleasant Street to 308 College Street.

308 College Street

Amherst Wines & Spirits has been in business for over twenty years in the heart of downtown Amherst.  But due to the impending sale of the Carriage Shops building, they needed to find a new home.

The town has 8 All alcohol licenses available and all of them are taken.  So it's not like this is a new competitor for the nearby Spirit Haus or an additional store selling mega packs of cheap beer.

Spirit Haus, 338 College Street


Anonymous said...

Wow. I hope MY wife stands up for me like she did for Steve.

Also, Amherst Media... learn about sibilance. It's killing my ears!

Anonymous said...

That is some of the hottest video you've ever posted, Larry.

A woman who stands articulately and firmly by her man........smokin'!

And they tell us women don't have power in this society. Gimme a break.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a business that sells fine wine could be a problem. Unlike the store next door, which does much of its business in selling vodka for college parties, and nips to the alcoholics that stand at the door each morning. Yup! There goes the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Marvin, welcome to competition.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:19, you took the words right out of my mouth. Hoping all goes well for the Freedman family.

Anonymous said...

BTW does Spirit Haus still have that piercingly loud door chime? I liked their wine specials but stopped going in because I was tired of being greeted by a loud blast when I opened the door.

Anonymous said...

Amherst Wines is better for wine, Spirit Haus is better for beer. I'll continue to patronize both establishments regardless of the move.