Monday, June 30, 2014

DUI Double Trouble

 Blake Spencer, age 24, stands before Judge John Payne

This morning in Eastern Hampshire District Court Judge John Payne sentenced Blake A. Spencer, age 24, to ninety (90) days in the House of Correction, otherwise known as the "big house" ... but suspended the sentence for two years.

The Judge then admonished Mr. Spencer to stay for away from trouble in the meantime as any altercation with the law over the next two years will instantly trip the 90 day sentence.

Spencer was originally arrested by APD in mid-February, 2013 after he was seen stumbling to his car at Village Park Apartments while screaming obscenities. He was pulled over and arrested for DUI.

Since it was only his first offense the case was continued without a finding for a year. In April he was arrested in Belchertown after crashing into a guard rail and leaving the scene.

The officer noted the strong smell of alcohol, glassy eyes, and he seemed to have trouble understanding the simple verbal request for a license and registration.

Most telling of all, he took the Breathalyzer back at the station and blew a .12 (50% over the .08 threshold).

In addition to the two years probation with a 90 day jail sentence hanging over his head, Spencer will complete a 14 day in-house treatment program for his alcohol problem, pay $600 in standard fines, and lose his license for two years.

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Anonymous said...

The only thing worse than a drunk diver is a mother that ignores that this place is full of drunks and puts her kid in the car just to go get groceries at that mega chain, whole foods. If they get hit on the way, let's not just blame the drunk driver (who was drunk and making bad decisions), lets also blame the mom who knew the risk she was taking and made the decision to put her and her child at risk and made this decision sober. I wonder if dad would have a case against mom for the unnecessary risk? Of course the drunk is guilty, but so is mom, perhaps even more so. We don't walk off a cliff and blame the fall on gravity, wait, perhaps we do.