Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Damage Assessment

 Heavy machinery and wet logging roads do not mix

The Amherst Conservation Commission and wetlands administrator Beth Willson took a guided tour -- otherwise known as a "site visit" -- this morning, led by environmental consultant Tony Wonseski to assess the damage caused by a subcontractor's heavy duty drilling machine in and around wetlands on the proposed site of the controversial "The Retreat" student housing development.

Tony pointed out seven impact areas in total but only five seem to require remediation, although that will be up for discussion at tonight's Conservation Commission meeting.

 One of the less damaged sites

And some of the damage could also have been caused by ATVs or other equipment not associated with Landmark Properties.  Anytime site work is performed anywhere near a wetlands the Conservation Commission should be notified in advance to allow their input.

 One of the more damaged sites

The damage was only recently discovered.   Landmark immediately reported it and they have already done stabilization work around the intermittent streams.

Tonight they will present plans to avoid a future recurrence, one of which is to have an environmental expert on site whenever work is being performed next to wetlands.

Biodegradable stabilization bales

Tony pointing out another less damaged area

One of the test drill sites

Damaged area along power line access road


Anonymous said...

Damage? Are they kidding, this is nothing more than some ruts in existing logging roads.

Wait til the trees start coming down.

Nice coverage Larry, to shed some light on the reality of this alleged "offense." A picture (or 5) is worth a thousand words.

Larry Kelley said...

About the only way they could have avoided the damage is to borrow a military helicopter to bring in and out the drilling machine.

Anonymous said...

Have any of these people ever seen a log landing, this is a joke.

Dr. Ed said...

Heaven forbid WMECO wants to work on those power lines -- and how do people thing the poles and wires got there back when they were installed????

Anonymous said...

Wait, do I see a trucks tire track in that unpaved road? How dare they. What a bunch of morons in this town. Wait till the bulldozers come. Think they'll make a tread mark? Let's hope not. How so many people get jobs in this world doing absolutely nothing of relevance is astonishing. And Amherst seems to be a magnet for these fools. Bad news for you, global warming was a lie. You are not saving the earth. You will not die of plastic doesn't make it to the recycle bin. This planet is far bigger than the ant-hill of humans that live on it.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh...... It's a construction project. Don't those typically make a mess of everything until they are completed? Only in Amherst do we worry about displaced ant mounts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Anon 6:45 am, for acquainting us with what we're up against.