Saturday, June 7, 2014

What The Ruck?

5:00 AM Bramble Hill Farm: Moment of respect before the journey begins

If you happened to notice that flag bearer -- which in Amherst tends to stand out -- with a crew of 30 enthusiastic participants close behind this morning glistening under a stunning blue sky, that was the  GoRuck Light Challenge.

Kind of a one (long) day intro to special forces training, this band of brothers and sisters awoke very early this morning for an 0500 start.  And spent the next 6 hours sweating across nine scenic miles of Amherst.

10:30 AM In Amherst town center

Rucksacks are military quality backpacks sold by GoRuck, a company founded by an ex-Green Beret. GoRuck Light events use the backpack (packed with bricks), in an extended group workout that is sort of a combination of Outward Bound and Crossfit.

The event is not an individual competition where the object is to win, the goal is to come together as a team, listen to your Cadre (former special forces group leader) and then carry out his commands.  Adversity becomes the challenge to overcome.  As a team.

And for these now hardier individuals, the day was a success. Go team!

Groff Park


Anonymous said...

Great long shot video! Loved it!

DaveMB said...

I heard on NPR the other day that one of the physical tests to qualify as a smokejumper is to travel three miles in 90 minutes carrying 110 pounds. There are a significant number of women who can do this, and they get no allowance for their own bodies being smaller.

No doubt Larry knows much more about this sort of thing...

Larry Kelley said...

Woman are at a disadvantage with pure strength exercise because they have less muscle tissue in their upper bodies.

But for endurance, they kick butt.