Sunday, June 22, 2014

Last Chance For Foodies

Taste of Amherst Saturday 6:00 PM

Today (noon until 4:00 PM) closes out perhaps the best four-day run ever for the Taste of Amherst -- at least as measured by oftentimes finicky New England weather.

And with outdoor events like the Taste, weather alone is a make or break proposition.

In addition to the free trolley maybe the Chamber of Commerce hired a witch doctor to do a marathon sun dance. 

Farmers Market also packed them in on Saturday

Organizers were not overly pleased with the location chosen by a food cart early Saturday afternoon directly across the street.

But when APD tried to move them, turns out their town issued ($100) permit did not contain a "do not compete" with the Taste clause. 

Food Carts have never been overly popular with bricks and mortar restaurants in town


Anonymous said...

Just more proof that food trucks are parasites. Vendors pay hundreds and a food truck poaches for the price of a parking meter.

Anonymous said...

Parasites? Perhaps a bad choice of words in this context.

Nothing wrong with a food truck pulling up where there's business. That's what they DO. But I can guarantee you that they provided way more food than a $5 hint of fish and chips from Boltwood. I go every year and every year I ask myself.. what did I just spend $15 on? No samples, either! Bah!

Anonymous said...

Did the food truck contribute to the live music, trash removal costs, or the advertising? Sorry, not.

Anonymous said...

Best day ever! Thanks Amherst!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:02, does the consumer care? These "parasitic" food trucks are doing what these over-priced businesses wish they could everyday; deliver great, fast service to a public hungry for a cheap lunch. The Taste is not designed AT ALL for people to sample the wares of local eateries and hope for repeat customers - it's to gorge them for tiny portions and make a few extra bucks in June.

Dr. Ed said...

The Amherst Police don't know what their town is licensing people to do? That's management incompetence.