Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Don't Do Drugs!

Josh Sampson, age 19, standing before Judge Mary Hurley

Arrested last week in the heart of downtown Amherst 19-year-old Josh Sampson was arraigned in Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday before Judge Mary Hurley.  He was given a pre-trial hearing for August 27 and assigned a public defender for which he will pay $300.

He was released on his personal recognizance but Judge Hurley gave him that cold hard stare while warning him about not screwing up in the meantime: "You have been charged with possession of an alphabet of drugs.  No more!"  To which he sheepishly responded, "Yes your honor."

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Anonymous said...

Throw the book at him!

Anonymous said...

Morons. Let em learn their lesson the hard way.

Anonymous said...

Larry, the issue I keep raising is that (a) drugs are at least as bad a problem as alcohol, (b) a lot of the problematic stuff (MVA and otherwise) is a combination of both drugs & alcohol, and (c) alcohol isn't really behind a lot of the stuff it is blamed for.

Let's face it, if you wash a fistfull of pills down with a beer, yes you have consumed a beer (and it is easier & quicker for EMS/LEO to identify the beer than everything else) -- and excepting where Narcan is indicated, the medical care is identical -- but let's face it Larry, if you wash down a fistful of pills with a beer, it is the pills that you are under the influence of.

We aren't supposed to say this -- I know. Pot is good for you and all, right, how about the guy out west who was arrested for "shooting at the moon"?

I grew up in the dangerous world of the commercial fisheries and the concept of "threat assessment" -- what is most likely going to kill you, as there are untold multitudes of things which could. That's why I'm saying that the kid with the .08, .10, .12 (or however the numbers are supposed to be) isn't a threat -- not if it is only alcohol in him/her/it.

No, it's the BACs that are 2-3 times the above (again, wherever the decimal point is supposed to be) and even worse are the drivers who are high on everything else. Methadone is a real problem in Maine right now -- I've had cops privately tell me that they are *way* more worried about the Methadone driver killing someone than the drunk driver.

Obeying the law is noble (and part of what I want from UMass is a public admission that they didn't) but in terms of what will kill people, we need to start worrying about drugs...

Anonymous said...

Ed, everyone knows this.

Dr. Ed said...

If everyone knows it, then why the hell aren't the priorities shifting around to DRUGS????

You think he was the only kid with that kind of a stash on him????

Anonymous said...

Does 4 question marks some how make your point better than one? Why not 5 or 6?

Anonymous said...

How the hell does a 19 year old kid get a hold of that many controlled prescription substances? How did they get from the manufacturing facility into his hands?