Monday, April 7, 2014

Thirsty Thursday Party House

 473 Pine Street, North Amherst

Apparently the B52 carpet bombed topography of Pine Street did not stop 400 or more "college aged youth" from descending on 473 Pine Street, located in the "historic village of Cushman," for a party that got out of hand.

So much so that two of the bad boy tenants, Brian T Viscariello and Harris B Stone, both age 20 and both UMass students, were arrested.

Meanwhile, in a nearby college town:   Storrs, CT Riot


Anonymous said...

Will they be suspended? They should be. Don't need to spend $160,000 to figure that one out, Umass

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks this is a legitimate violation of the law is as dumb as the guy who writes this blog and the people who wrote this bylaw. Something that will be worth reporting is when a there is a class action lawsuit against the town for infringing upon the constitutional freedom to assemble.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the police were picking on them and caused all the trouble, not the students. In fact the police probably caused all the pot holes too. (To be read with a huge smirk)

Keithw said...

@Anonymous 10:42

Since when is beer pong and blasting music considered petitioning the government for a redress of grievances? You're obviously not the guy living next door who has to be at work for 7AM.

Yokal said...

Glad your daughter got the care she needed.

Perhaps they are not 24-7 because things generally calm down at night, even in this robust community.

Even route 9 goes all but silent from 1 am to 6 am in Hadley. Except for the drunk kids getting run to the hospital.

I am also grateful that the communities locally are so close and can provide mutual aid.

And it sounds like Umass has not changed much in the 30 years since I was at such parties. It does sound like the community is reacting more and more to the students though. Ironic that without the students and their loans, family money and grants Amherst would just be average town.

I think that perhaps rather than local changes to the community that everyone sends their kids to (and then they misbehave), there should be some kind of action to increase the training of the parents statewide. The community of Amherst should not simply foot the bill for a state of bad parenting and poor alcohol education prior to sending the kids to UMASS. These kids need some alcohol training, perhaps in high school. Not lessons on how not to drink, lessons on how to drink.

At least most can agree that Amherst is above average.

Anonymous said...

You'd need a national program if that was the case. Amherst isn't the only town with coddled children of horrible parenting.

Dr. Ed said...


Parents aren't any worse than they were a decade or two ago. Something else, much deeper, is at work here.

Ignore it at your peril, there is a visceral level of rage that isn't going to be easily abated.

Anonymous said...

I hate to admit it, but i think I agree with Ed.

Anonymous said...

And this is happening NATIONWIDE.

Every college in the country is now dealing with out-of-control wild parties and rioting and everything else.

In California, they had cops being hit with full backpacks of beer which is a potentially lethal weapon. Barbara O'Connor is down to UConn -- she's a competent college police chief in a field where there aren't many -- and even she's having problems.

This is more than just young punks getting drunk -- there is something deeper here...