Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'll Be (Another) Roundabout

Intersection Triangle Street/East Pleasant Street and a main Gateway to UMass

Amherst Town Meeting under article #32 will vote on acquiring easements around Triangle and East Pleasant Streets for yet another roundabout, after the success of the double roundabouts at Atkins Corner and the original one at UMass, North Pleasant street/Eastman Lane.

All sorts of major developments are proposed for the neglected north end of town center, including the Archipelago Investments already approved five story,  mixed use --36 units of residential and ground floor retail --  Kendrick Place, which butts up against the proposed roundabout.

Archipelago Investments has also made a $4.6 million offer to buy the Carriage Shops a few hundred yards from the intersection and they will nuke the aging complex to make way for a humongous new mixed-use development.

All of which dramatically stimulates traffic -- both foot and vehicle -- to and through that end of town.


Peter Vickery said...

I am flattered that the Town would go to such lengths to make an ex-Brit like myself feel at home. A roundabout at every intersection, and tea in every pot.

Anonymous said...

Any sense of where Archipelago is coming up with all this capitol for these purchases?