Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Party House of the Weekend

 46 McClellan Street, Amherst

A birthday party became nothing to celebrate as Amherst police broke up a large party (hey, it was a birthday bash!) at 46 McClellan Street in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Disgruntled "guests" were anything but cooperative, so police arrested the host Avery A Fuerst, age 22, for violating the town's noise bylaw and Noah I Carr, age 20, for underage drinking.

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In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday Mr. Carr paid $100 court costs and will be on probation for the next four months, while Ms. Fuerst had her case continued until next month to allow her to lawyer up. 

Meanwhile around the same time (early Sunday morning) Amherst police were called to 105 Meadow Street for a large party.  Those guests were far more cooperative, and no arrests or $300 tickets were issued.

105 Meadow Street, 12:45 AM Sunday morning


Anonymous said...

4:21 am is a tough time to be dealing with noise in your neighborhood.

Larry Kelley said...

It was around 12:30 AM but took an hour for it to be "cleared".

Not sure why those times show up on the officers narrative, but it may have been when they had time to write things down after a busy shift.

Anonymous said...

Why no blog about the the day drink in the townhouses on Saturday being the worst thing in the world like you usually do?

Larry Kelley said...

Dog bites man.

Anonymous said...

Or was it cause there were no problems/arrests and you don't want to publish that student partying can happen successfully? Students cooperated with police when they were cleared out after a reasonable amount of time.

Larry Kelley said...

And I'm happy that you did. Keep up the good work.