Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Unfair Fight

 APD at scene of assault North Pleasant and Fearing Street 1:25 AM

So I don't really care what the victim may have said, repeated blows to the face of a person on the ground by a trio of attackers is a tad much.

Amherst police responded in force to the intersection of North Pleasant and Fearing Streets early Sunday morning for an assault that caused "severe injuries." Causing bystanders, who called 911, to become "clearly disturbed."

Yes, a pool of blood with human flesh in it is pretty disturbing.  In Eastern Hampshire District Court on Monday morning all three assailants had their cases continued with Santo Frascolla and Joshua Lulu being released on their own recognizance, while Mark Rodrick posted a $500 cash bail.

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Since the altercation occurred at peak time for rowdiness, on a main highway for foot traffic between town center and UMass, and all the involved parties are "college aged youth", safe bet alcohol was involved. 

Mark Rodrick (rt) with court appointed attorney appears before Judge Payne 


Anonymous said...

Wait until they build all that housing downtown. The Amherst police will have their hands full.

Walter Graff said...

Sure. The Amherst police have little to do now. Thankfully they installed a shuffleboard court and Bocce Ball in the police parking lot to waste the time.

More housing will not change what already exists. 60% of the population of Amherst is college age. More housing just spreads out more of the problem but doesn't make for more problems, just more places to visit when there are problems.

Then again, most of the population of UMASS is not causing problems. But being this is a small town and 20,000 college kids lurk everywhere, when it happens we see it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that will make the downtown a shit-show all over again. When frat row went down the revelry subsided a little. Hey, they took over N Pleas St EVERY weekend. Burning couches in the middle of the street was my favorite right of passage to watch/sarcasm. Keep cutting or fail to increase thier budget. Nice & new will = dilapitated in no time.

Anonymous said...

"But being this is a small town and 20,000 college kids lurk everywhere, when it happens we see it."

Walter, you live in Sunderland, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Imagine how many cases are unreported. When I was student of Umass, I had an encounter where 6 kids tried to "jump" me because I didn't leave a taxi fast enough. I was probably punched in the face 10 times. I didn't really see any faces though as it happened so fast. Disgusting how fast kids will be physical

Anonymous said...

Larry, are we in agreement that this was just a tad more serious than a loud party?

Anonymous said...

Boy Wally, yesterday you were all "Kissy-huggy, don't let words bother you". Today you're back to your old self, "I hate Amherst and everthing about it". Go back to Sunderland and stay there, will ya.

Keithw said...

Most of the violence that's likely to occur in and around downtown Amherst between college students would be considered (according to Rory Miller's Model) Social Violence, eg drunken brawls, dominance and threat displays "Hey, what're you lookin' at?!" kind of stuff. The thing about Social Violence is that the participants seldom get hurt badly, as opposed to Predatory Violence, where it's likely the victim is hurt very badly if not killed depending on their response to the Predator. This altercation had all the makings of Social Violence, but for some reason, the attackers went way "off script" and hurt the victim badly. I wonder what the verbal exchange consisted of before going physical...?