Monday, May 20, 2013

Neighborhood Nuisance?

621 East Pleasant Street, aka "Babetown"

 Can you imagine living next door to a professional Party House, err ... I mean "Art House," that lives to play live music and occasionally skateboard on their half pipe in the back yard? 

"Hot Messy Sex".  Sorry I missed that one

These Bad Boys don't seem to get it.  A residential neighborhood is not zoned for an underground music venue.  Take a bow and get the Hell off the stageOr ... fade to black, dude.

Good question!

May have to increase cover charge to cover all the tickets


Walter Graff said...

I love that they have a "no Retreat" sign on the lawn too. Wouldn't that sort of eliminate potential customers? And what's with the sign? I'd have done better than that. Obviously not marketing or business majors.

Dr. Ed said...

Where is Bill Newman on this? What ever happened to the concept of "content neutrality" in government regulation of speech?

Government can only restrict the "manner" of speech, not its content.

You either can express yourself via signs on the front lawn -- or you can't. If "no Retreat" signs are allowed, then "BabeTown" signs have to be allowed, anybody with a scintilla of First Amendment law would know this.

You can restrict the square inches -- if you have a pre-existing ordinance -- but that is it. Much as there is no requirement that a speaker be articulate (or even coherent), there is no requirement that a sign be professional in appearance, or that its message be apparent to others.

Amherst dealt with this with the banners over South Pleasant Street -- I forget if it was a Christian or ProLife viewpoint but someone followed the rules, put their message up, and the town freaked. But couldn't censor it on content.

Larry Kelley said...

Since BabeTown has a "suggested donation" to cover the "traveling band" that makes them a commercial enterprise.

And commercial signs can and are regulated without infringing the First Amendment.

Just ask any business in the downtown.

Anonymous said...

shut the fuck up

Larry Kelley said...

Ahhhh, is Daddy getting sick of paying your fines?