Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DUI Dishonor Roll

Every day in America, another 27 people die as a result of drunk driving crashes

While incidents of Party House revelry will, mercifully, decrease rather dramatically over the next three months now that our #1 industry is on hiatus, the more dangerous by-product of alcohol abuse, drunk driving, will probably not let up all that much. Sadly.

For instance, neither of this past weekend's arrested "college aged youth" show up in UMass, Hampshire or Amherst College people search, although they could very well be friends who came to visit a student.

 If I had to pick a clear cut winner between the two, it would easily be Briana Howell.

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McMurphy's 1:20 AM early Sunday

 Even though she was bagged at 1:23 AM, the location at East Pleasant/Chestnut Streets means she just drove through town center, and oddly enough at that time the town was packed with kids getting out of the bars and waiting for their $1 slice of pizza at the best little pizza shop in the state, Antonio's.

Antonio's 1:18 AM early Sunday

But Kurt Russavage would still be a close second, since his time of arrest was 11:14 PM on a Friday night ... when even us old  fogies might still be on the road.


Dr. Ed said...

Larry, while 27 people die each day because of OUI, 547 people also die each day because of in-hospital medical mistakes. Not to mention the even larger number who die as the consequence of earlier medical mistakes prior to their hospitalization.

Yes, the number is shocking -- and accurate. 27 preventable and needless deaths is outrageous, but how is 520 MORE than that not even more outrageous?

Dr. Ed said...

And Larry, if you want to raise the spectre of evil, there is always this far more scary story:


Anonymous said...

Cell Phone use of any sort while in the drivers seat should have the same penalties as OUI. These drivers are worse than drunks any day. When their hands are holding a phone, it blocks there vision, not to even talk about concentration. Nothing worse than waiting at a light for some A-hole to look up from their phone. I like to honk my horn and watch them take-off even when the light is still red. It can be quite funny.

Anonymous said...

I like to honk my horn and watch them take-off even when the light is still red. It can be quite funny.

And it will be truly hilarious when one of them broadsides an oncoming vehicle.

If one can be held criminally liable for a MVA resulting from the theft of a stop sign, why couldn't one be held equally liable for this little stunt?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:31
The driver is responsible for the vehicle at all times, not the guy behind him. If the driver of the first vehicle was in control of their vehicle, they would simply flip the second vehicle off and be done with it. So logic dictates, put the damn phone away when you drive.

Anonymous said...

Poor Larry nothing much to do when kids are off for the summer get a life. Its almost scary to know you are sneaking around taking pictures of theses kids are you a stalker..Even you, I am sure may have made a mistake in your life time its to bad the internet wasn't there to exploit it. Look out College kids Larry the stalker is on the loose.

The Juggernaut said...

They could have come to visit a friend.

Or a relative in Amherst.

Or have been driving through to another town.

Such a weak argument, but we have to have the college bashing somehow!!