Monday, May 6, 2013

255th Starts Just Fine

Amherst Finance Committee

Like a proud army marching off to war across the comfortable confines of familiar territory, the opening night of Amherst's 255th Annual Town Meeting started off just grand.  The question is how well will the army look a month from now after endless combative discussions ... almost always coming down to money.

With a few articles put off to other nights, a few more placed on an automatic "yes" consent list and the benefit of non-controversial articles stacked at the begining of the 45 article warrant, Town Meeting managed to make it to article #16, THE BUDGET.  $68 million worth in total.

 Amherst Select Board making a hasty retreat

Tonight the Jones Library's tiny percentage of that overall budget came up for discussion.  Library Director Sharon Sharry closed her bubbly presentation with, "We're here because of you and for you." The $1,741,512 budget item passed unanimously.

  Jones Library Director Sharon Sharry

And since it was now 10:00 PM, Town Meeting would have to vote approval to continue discussion of THE BUDGET.  The "yes" votes were 4 or 5, the "no" votes 150 or more.  Town Meeting called it a night.


Anonymous said...

I love the Jones Library and those in the north and south of Amherst. Hell, I love libraries-but what's with teen dances, singing with your baby, movie night and Lego club? I thought the Town already had a generously funded Leisure Service Department.
The "Library" seems to be going the way of other departments in Town. The organizational "chart" just gets deeper and deeper which usually results in either overworked staff or more of them.
What next? A book exchange by LSSE?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the library uses these activities to get kids into the library. The thinking is, once the kids are there, they might actually get turned on to reading!
I think all these activities are great!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Library programs are free -- funded by the Friends of the Library. Leisure Services charges, although there are some scholarships for economically needy.

Anonymous said...

Free? ALL funded by Friends of the Library?