Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pool Pain

War Memorial Pool Wednesday morning 11:00 AM

For the second time now I'm predicting (based on "no comment" comments from town officials, and a little construction knowledge) Amherst will postpone the long awaited opening of the centrally located War Memorial Pool, yet again.

Obviously town officials don't live by the private sector credo, "underpromise and overdeliver." Last Spring LSSE announced the pool would open on June 23rd, in time for summer swim lessons and advertised that overly ambitious date in their quarterly brochure mailed to most of Amherst.

The Town Manager announced last week the opening would be delayed, however, until June 30, using the "weather-related" excuse fine tuned over twenty five years of seasonal losses at the municipal golf course.

Recently it did rain...less than an inch. And it was pretty hot for two or three days. Which, all in all, sounds a lot like typical  New England summer weather to me.

I'm told we will have official comment "soon."

Gray area is felt underlay, blue area new liner over it


Anonymous said...

I hope they get it open soon -- it's looking better than a few weeks ago, but still seems it has a ways to go.

One other thought -- in looking at the pool schedule (for both War Memorial and Mill River), there are a lot of hours set aside for lap swimming, including weekend mornings 10 am until 1 pm. It would be nice if the pool(s) could be open to families on the weekend before 1. When I was at Mill River last weekend on a hot morning, there were only a handful of lap swimmers there, so few that they each got their own lane. In constrast the wading pool which opened at 11 am was packed.

Anonymous said...

I am constantly frustrated by how little time the pools are actually available to swim in.

I can't understand the lap swimming. Let the lap swimmers come at 7:00am.

I can't understand not opening the wading pools until 11:00 am. When you have a small kid, you want to go to the pool at 9am then home for lunch and nap.

Why the heck not maximize attendance by actually having the pools open