Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pool Delay (announcement delayed)

Deep end of the pool still not done 11:15 AM Thurdsday 

4:55 PM Breaking News (shocked, shocked I say).  Town Manager announces pool will not be open Saturday. 
Original Post:  High Noon:

So if I had to guess (and I do since town officials still refuse to comment) I would say we will be lucky if the War Memorial Pool is open for July 4 festivities.

Perhaps Town Manager John Musante was too busy with his gig as chair of the PVTA advisory board to pay attention to this hometown matter, but the first rule of public relations is to address bad news as quickly as possible and be perfectly clear and honest with your customers, errr, constituents.

New water pump (still needs to be hardwired)
Industrial strength filter


Anonymous said...

we'll be lucky if its open by !next! weekend. That would leave 7 or 8 weeks to hopefully enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Mill River pool tonight and asked when the War Memorial pool was expected to open. A life guard told me that they had a emeeting about it today and that they were planning (hoping?) to open by next weekend. We will see.....

Re: the pool schedule, it's nice that the town is opening up the MS pool in the meantime, though it would be great for families if not so many hours at both pools were devoted to adult lap swimming, or if at least, if the lap swim hours were staggered being the pools so that at any time, one pool could be open for lap swimming and one for everyone else.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how LSSE youth swimming lesson enrollment has been impacted by the pool delay.

It seems as though they are less kids now per pool in lessons than in the past (during the 6:30 lesson time at Mill River, there is almost 1:1 ratio of instructors to kids) and I know a number of families who didn't sign up for War Memorial lessons because of uncertainty about the pool's completion date.

It would be interesting to see what the enrollment numbers look like ... and if LSSE pool use (at least in this first week) is up or down compared to other years.

LarryK said...

Yeah, the staff outnumbered the patrons when I grabbed a photo the first day Mill River opened. But then, there was no advertising.

Anonymous said...

I was also told on Saturday 6/23 that the Mill River pool was free, as had been planned for the grand opening of the War Memorial Pool on that day.

Didn't see much (any!) advertising of this either.

Anonymous said...

The LSSE pool schedule indicates that there are kid swim lessons every M-F from 5-7 pm at both pools.

However, there are a few weeks in the summer that are no lessons, including the week after the 4th of July.

It would be nice if during such weeks, the pool could be open for open swimming those additional hours per day since there are prime hours for family swimming. However, I was told that LSSE's current plan is to close the pool during those hours. If that it true (and I am still hoping it is not), I am pretty outraged. I want to support the town pools and get a membership for my family, but they really don't do much to make it attractive to do so.

Anonymous said...

Time to privatize LSSE?

Seriously -- stop talking about the golf course and start talking about LSSE -- PRIVATIZE!!!!