Monday, June 25, 2012

More Than Quiet Weekend

 334 Lincoln Avenue

The first weekend of summer for APD was fairly routine, but never quiet.

Friday 8:49 PM Noise Complaint 334 Lincoln Avenue
RP reporting loud music
Spoke with listed resident who just moved in this week.  Approximately five people inside who state they will keep it down.

Friday 9:48 PM Noise Complaint 334 Lincoln Avenue
RP reporting loud voices
Loud voices upon arrival.  Gathering of approximately 20 people.  Party cleared out, advised of Town Bylaw and verbal warning issued.  Resident advised next time he will come with us.

Saturday early morning 12:27 AM Noise Complaint 58 Tracy Circle
2 RPs reporting loud party
Approximately 75-100 people in residence.  No responsible resident could be found upon our arrival however party was later located hiding in a basement closet.  Warning issued.  Responsible party indicated she will advise her parents of this event upon their return home. 

Amherst Police also issued noise warnings to a half dozen other locations around town:  30 North East Street, 39 Hallock Street, 65 McClellan Street, 81 Summer Street, 31 Shumway Street, and 71 S. Prospect Street.


Anonymous said...

If the "responsible party" will be advising her parents of the incident upon their return home, then would it not also imply that the responsible party is a minor? And does not this create a greater duty for the APD?

Doesn't Chapter 51A come in here?

LarryK said...

I believe in Mass you are considered an "adult" by age 17 (although a lot of kids don't act it).

Anonymous said...

Larry, one is an adult at 18, not 17 -- and you really ought to know that.

The term is "un-emancipated minor" and you have two of them living with you.

And when your girls are 17, you (or your wife) will still have to sign permission slips for everything, because they will not yet be adults.

LarryK said...

By the time they are 17 I will figure that out....maybe.