Thursday, June 21, 2012

Everybody into the Pool

 Mill River Pool in North Amherst opened today, ahead of schedule

Apparently town officials were embarrassed the War Memorial Pool would not open as scheduled, now hopefully set for June 30, so perhaps they lit a fire under Leisure Services to get the Mill River Pool open early, just in time for the hottest days of the year, thus far.

Last night the Leisure Services and Supplemental Education Commission "site visit" to the War Memorial Pool construction site was cancelled because of "extreme heat".  Perfect metaphor for why the pool project is behind schedule.

Since the town wading pools are not open, I took the kids to the always reliable Hampshire Athletic Club.


Anonymous said...


Mill River was opened Wednesday for a pool party for the Middle School. It was already, why not keep it open.

Anonymous said...

Isn't a little ironic that the only school in Amherst with a pool has a pool party at Mill River. Does the middle school not use the middle school pool?

LarryK said...

The Town Manager told the Select Board on Monday night that the middle school pool would be used for the first week of swim lessons that were optimistically scheduled by LSSE at War Memorial.

Anonymous said...

The middle school picnic at Mill River was more than just using a pool. Mill River Park is more than it's pool. Have you ever been to the Middle School pool? If so, you would know that it is not an appropriate place to have a pool party. Also, why would one hold a pool party indoors on a beautiful day like it was on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Larry, I am not so sure it is a good idea to keep putting pictures of your daughters on your blog.

Have a conversation about this with some of your cop buddies and if they don't agree with me, fine -- but I think they will. There are a lot of creeps and crazies out there on the internet, and bad things have happened as the consequence of pictures of identifiable young girls being on the internet.

This isn't like handing around the Polaroids to the grandmothers at the church social -- I don't think it is a good idea, I really don't think it a good idea...

LarryK said...

Normally I would agree you (most cops would).

But we're in the age of Facebook, and everything has changed.

Plus, my daughters have appeared on the pages of bricks and mortar media (front page no less) more than once.

Plus, I still know karate.

Plus, Kira also knows karate and is a pretty good shot with a bow and arrow.

Plus, Jada has a scream that will carry all the way to Northampton.