Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An Inconvenient Truth

When the $6 million Atkins Corner double roundabout construction project finally finishes late this summer the current resulting traffic snafus will quickly fade into a distant memory.  Over the next few weeks, however, they will be as fresh and raw as the fruits and vegetables sold at everyone's favorite local destination spot, Atkins Farm Country Market.

Friday marked the first day of 'The Big Detour' and things went about as well as could be expected considering the magnitude and location of the disruption.  Atkins manager John Thibbitts confirms "a few customer complaints" but the iconic store is doing additional in-store promotions, Facebook updates, and old fashioned print advertising to offset the current less-than-ideal conditions and to keep loyal fans coming back for more. 

Neighbors near the main Hampshire College main entry on RT116 called Amherst police Friday afternoon as a "distraught, very angry and disoriented blonde lady" seemed to be having a nervous breakdown over the blockade.

Still, no accidents or major incidents.  Or...no news is good news.


One of the two roundabouts is up and running


Work continues on the second roundabout at Bay Road intersection


Meanwhile, some bright news for Atkins: the solar array is now fully operational



Anonymous said...

All this to-do about the setting up of a little detour......is America ready to fight the next land war?

Anonymous said...

larry, can they legally stop cars from cutting through Hampshire College?

LarryK said...

Yes, it's private property.