Monday, January 30, 2012

Party Apartment of the Weekend

Puffton Village Apartments #323-#334

When you share walls with a bevy of other apartments, a little consideration would go a long way--especially after midnight. And it would save on those $300 noise tickets.

According to APD logs:
12:30 AM (early Sunday morning): RP complaining of loud music, drums and a barking dog.

Narrative: Extremely loud music and voices heard upon arrival. Such noise did disturb the reasonable quiet of Amherst residents. All residents were extremely uncooperative throughout our interaction. Approximately 15-20 guests cleared from residence.

Arrested For Noise TBL violation (and transported to APD headquarters):
Dennis Lynch, Puffton Village #330, Amherst, MA, age 21
Eric Russo, Puffton Village #330, Amherst, MA, age 21
Zachary Munsell, Puffton Village #330, Amherst, MA, age 21

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