Friday, January 20, 2012

Throwing my hat into the ring

Hat by Jada
Amherst School Committee
RE: Open Seat

Please consider this a formal application to enter the contest for the current open seat on the Amherst School Committee to be filled via a joint meeting with the School Committee and Amherst Select Board.

As a father with two young children in the Amherst public schools, former small business owner with 28 years experience managing a service oriented operation, and life-long multigenerational resident of the town, I feel unequivocally qualified to serve and look forward to a lively tenure.


Larry Kelley


UPDATE (7:55 AM) Of course one of things I forgot to mention is my PR communication skill. For instance, I would have made sure the school district's snow cancellation line (413 362-1898) this morning had the correct day/date for informing multitudes of parents whether school is open for business (or any delays) today.


Max Hartshorne said...

Yeah I am sure they are going to say yes to the guy who blogs every day about all of the things the school board is doing wrong. The selectboard appoints you? Good luck with that!

LarryK4 said...

Now Max, you know the majority of people secretly agree with me and love that I say things they are thinking but would never have the, errr, chutzpah to say publicly.

Of course the problem is the Select Board would have to come out of the closet with that.

(The School Committee also gets to vote.) that you mention it.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the letter you write to the AG when you inadvertently make some minor error. Please make it so.

Anonymous said...

If you get in it would make ACTV must see TV. This would get better ratings than American Idol, or more appropriately, Fringe.

Mary E.Carey said...

I'll vote for you, Larry!

LarryK4 said...

Thanks Mary! And as we just witnessed in Shutesbury, every vote counts.

But, in this case, you have to be a member of the illustrious Select Board or current School Committee in order to vote.

Anonymous said...

I can't think of anyone else thick-skinned enough to sit on that committee without being in constant agreement with them. Good luck!

Harry shafter said...

godzilla applies for TEPCO committee

Anonymous said...


LarryK4 said...

Thanks (assuming you don't mean "out of town")

Anonymous said...

I didn't think the school committee was in charge of the weather update line. Must be one of their newer duties.

LarryK4 said...

Yeah, I would hate to overburden them with duties.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean out of town. You call them, as you see them. You would be a healthy participant to discussion.

Anonymous said...

IC wrote: godzilla applies for TEPCO committee

GM explains: TEPCO is Tokyo Electric Power Co, owner of the tsunami-flooding-destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant which spread radioactive fallout over much of northeastern Japan; godzilla is a mutant reptile resulting from an overdose of radioactive fallout

The glove fits LK pretty well, doesn't it!?!

Roach Patrol said...

Let the foot fall where it may.


Anonymous said...


Having just read through two pages of your blog to arrive at this post (the bottom of the second page), I find it that you list your PR skills as a qualification.

Your skills at highlighting issues in the town are without question, and your blog does provide an entertaining read. Regrettably, as Reality TV demonstrates on an almost daily basis, entertaining communications and productive conversations aren't really part of the same skill set.

The true test of someone with a unique vision is not how unique the vision is, or how vivid and entertaining the description of it. Instead it is how the owner of the perspective is able to help drive and guide the change towards their vision, both in the minds of their opponents and in the reality of implementation.

I wish you luck in your bid, but request that you please consider those of us who would like to see productive, constructive and progressive conversation brought to the discussions, rather than point scoring against opponents and other school committee members.