Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Noise and Pot

Frat Row neighbor, 374 N Pleasant St, Pi Kappa Alpha. Managed by Kendrick Properties

Over the weekend Amherst police and fire personnel paid professional visits to this frathouse strategically located on the Gateway to UMass. No, that's not unusual.

According to APD logs: 2:27 AM (early Saturday morning)

Narrative: Loud Party
Music could be heard upon arrival.

Earlier that evening Amherst Fire Department responded to a smoke alarm alert due to "pot smoke near detector."

Interestingly the Amherst Zoning Board of Appeals denied the conversion of a nearby (138 Nutting Avenue) sorority to a fraternity precisely because of incidents like this. In that case, the new owners have now filed suit against the town and ZBA.

On Wednesday night the Planning Board will take up a similar issue and discuss making recommendations to the Zoning Board of Appeals, who has ultimate jurisdiction:

Eagle Crest Property - 156 Sunset Avenue - to convert a dimensionally non-conforming single-family dwelling to a two-family dwelling.

And of course "two-family" does not mean a pair of 'Leave It To Beaver' households with a stay at Mom, working Dad, and two precocious kids. It means (at least) eight UMass students.

Ownership card for 374 North Pleasant Street


Anonymous said...

Nor does it mean a fraternity, obviously.

Inquisitor said...

This house has been nothing but trouble, but has the other one outside the one incident? I see kids at this one quite frequently.

Anonymous said...

People go there frequently because it is a fraternity house, and none of your statements are factual Lawrence.

Anonymous said...

A few yrs ago a few (quiet) young women were forced out of a one family home because they were one person over the limit of unrelated people living in a residence...

Did the Duggar family move to Amherst and relocate their used car business on the front lawn? (I could give a street or address- but it's happening all over town)

Ed said...

I see that PIKE no longer has its political protection and is now being held accountable. This is a good thing -- wish it had been happening 2-3-4 years ago...

Anonymous said...

Pot? Says who? You?

From what I understand that is just a shot in the dark, you sir have probably never even set foot in that house or spoken to a kid that lives there. What a shame.

Maybe one day you'll crawl out of your hole and focus on the good things some of these students are doing rather then speculate about what they do at night.

How many hours of community service have you logged this year?

LarryK4 said...

Actually AFD said so, in their weekend report which is shared with UMass officials.